Redstar Worldwide offers high-quality design and fabrication services for printed circuit boards (PCBs). Our Field Application Engineers are involved early on in the design cycle, helping our customers overcome skillset challenges to design for optimal manufacturability. Solving these problems helps our customers create a quality product while still meeting their budget objectives.

Our Field Application Engineers enable fast turnaround times that allow our customers to achieve success with new technologies including HDI, Flex, and High-Speed PCBs. We deliver high quality PCB products from prototyping through production via a stringent and cost-effective end-to-end process.

“You can count on Redstar to do the right thing…”

Our PCB Fabrication Methods

At Redstar Worldwide, we use the following printed circuit board fabrication processes to meet our customers’ high standards:

  • Standard rigid core builds, fabricated from FR-4 composite made of woven fiberglass cloth with epoxy resin binder that is self-extinguishing and flame resistant.
  • Metal core builds for improved thermal management, offering better heat dissipation and cooling capabilities that prevent safety hazards and premature component failures.
  • HDI rigid builds that feature high-density interconnect technology to enhance PCB functionality with the same or less space. This means more components can be incorporated on each side of a PCB through advanced via processes and technologies for faster signal transmission, reduced crossing delays, and reduced signal loss.
  • Flex and rigid-flex builds, designed using flexible substrates designed in a three-dimensional area for greater spatial efficiency.
  • Hybrid PCB builds that combine technologies to deliver the precision performance our customers require from their printed circuit board products.

We utilize standard materials in the creation of printed circuit board products, as well as RF, high-speed digital, low loss, and flexible interconnect to deliver the precision options our customers desire. Furthermore, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and constantly refine our fabrication processes to deliver the tightest tolerances available for your PCB design. Our tolerance capabilities include:

  • Trace/space tolerance: +/- 10%
  • Drill position tolerance: +/- 0.4mil
  • Drill size tolerance: +/- 10%
  • Impedance control: +/- 5%
  • Flex-to-Rigid registration: +/- 3mil

We also offer specialized coatings for printed circuit boards, including:

  • Hard gold
  • Wire bonding
  • EPIG
  • ENEG

Redstar Worldwide takes your PCBs from prototyping to production as quickly as possible so we can deliver the products you need with minimal wait times. We offer quick turn prototyping services with typical lead times at two days. Our production lead times range between five-to-20 days.

Our inspection process involves 100% electrical testing, first article of inspection reports, inspection reports, and certificates of conformity.

Certifications and Standards

Redstar Worldwide fabricates printed circuit boards that can meet the following industry standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • TS/ISO 16949
  • AS9100D
  • DOD/Mil Spec/ITAR
  • ASTM compliance
  • UL

What Are PCBs Used For?

Our printed circuit boards are utilized in a variety of devices used in myriad industries. You’ll find Redstar Worldwide’s PCB products used in:

  • Medical devices
  • Biometric wearable devices
  • Unmanned aircraft
  • Internet of Things connectivity
  • Server communications
  • Smart glass
  • Solar energy
  • Green energy

Redstar Worldwide aides our customers throughout the design and manufacturing process, delivering a variety of printed circuit board options to meet the needs of any application. For more information about our engineering services for printed circuit boards, please contact us or request a quote.