RedStar Worldwide is pleased to offer rapid-printed circuit board (PCB) prototyping for customers around the world. As a premier PCB supplier, we provide 24/7 technical support and personalized customer service to ensure our customers receive the products they need with exceptionally fast turnaround. Our focus on quality and efficiency allows us to provide your prototype PCB board within as little as 24 hours.

PCB Prototypes

When designing and fabricating a PCB board, it is common for engineers to generate a prototype PCB board for testing purposes before investing in full-scale production. Often, more than one prototype will be created to ensure the PCB has been thoroughly vetted for all functions. In fact, prototype PCB assembly services will frequently include increasingly complex PCB models that test functionality until a fully operational model has been assembled and tested.

RedStar’s quick-turn PCB prototype services operate on a 24-hour clock, and our customers can contact a representative anytime to keep the process moving and address questions if they arise during the building process. Our prototype PCB manufacturing services help customers go from conceptualization to full production in the fastest, most cost-effective manner. Not only does PCB rapid prototyping ensure that your model is reliable and fully operational, but it also saves you the expense of reworking designs later in the manufacturing process.

Quick-Turn PCB Prototype Lead Times

At RedStar, we understand that time is of the essence. That is why our typical lead times for quick-turn prototyping are as follows:

  • Next-day turnaround for standard FR4/double-sided
  • 2–4 days for 4- to 8-layer PCBs
  • 5 days for PCBs with 10 or more layers
  • 5–10 days for metal core, rigid flex, and flex PCBs

Our Rapid PCB Prototyping Process

Our quick-turn PCB prototypes are designed to meet the highest expectations for quality and accuracy. With a knowledgeable team of engineers and cutting-edge CAM input technology, we can address manufacturing and functional issues as they develop and provide workable solutions.

Standard Operating Procedures

Our PCB rapid prototyping process follows rigorous Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) specially tailored to meet the needs of quick-turn PCB manufacturing. This process allows us to use a standard, methodical approach to detect any challenges as they arise.

Here is a breakdown of the standard operating procedures at RedStar Worldwide:

  • Design Review: Within two hours of receiving specifications, our seasoned staff thoroughly reviews the manufacturability of the design. During this stage, we immediately correct design flaws to speed the overall prototyping process.
  • Production Line: Once the design has been reviewed, it is forwarded to our dedicated quick-turn prototyping production lines for manufacturing and assembly. The prototype is fabricated to meet your exact specifications, with quality checks and process validation for each phase.
  • Quality Assurance Inspections: Every prototype is tested for functionality, and every operation is validated throughout the production process. This helps to ensure your PCB prototype functions optimally upon completion.
  • 24/7 Service: To ensure fast and responsive service, we ask our customers for an after-hours contact so we can notify them of ongoing developments as they occur rather than waiting until the next business day. Our 24/7 personalized service allows us to work on your PCB prototype around the clock and ensure the shortest possible lead time.

High-Quality Materials

At RedStar Worldwide, we pride ourselves on providing superior fabrication of PCB prototypes for our customers in a variety of industries. We work with standard materials, RF, high-speed digital, low-loss, and flexible interconnect materials.

Specialized Coatings

We are pleased to offer a variety of specialized finish coatings, including:

  • Hard gold
  • Wire bonding
  • ENEG

Our Tolerance Capabilities

At RedStar, we are dedicated to providing prototype PCB manufacturing processes within the tightest available tolerances. Our high-tolerance capabilities include:

  • Trace/Space Tolerance: +/- 10%
  • Drill Position Tolerance: +/- 0.4mil
  • Drill Size Tolerance: +/- 10%
  • Impedance Control: +/- 5%
  • Flex-to-rigid registration: +/- 3mil

Advantages of Quick-Turn PCB Prototyping

Prototyping is a critical step in PCB manufacturing and offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Product Viability: PCB prototype service allows you to perform crucial testing on the product for each function to ensure it is fully operational before it advances to production.
  • Faster to Market: Quick-turn prototyping reduces lead times, ensuring you have a functional product ready to put on the market sooner than your competitors.
  • Cost Savings: If a product fails late in the manufacturing process, it can become expensive to redesign and retool. Using fast prototype PCB manufacturing prior to production will help you save production costs by reducing the potential for product failure.

PCB Prototypes Used in Various Industries

As technology continues to evolve, more applications and industries are turning to computerized systems. Since many industries require specially designed equipment, the need for PCB prototyping services is growing to incorporate applications outside the electronics industry, including:

  • Medical Applications: PCB prototyping is often used by medical technology developers to create diagnostic imaging and treatment equipment, lab equipment, and even implantable devices. Since medical applications require a high degree of accuracy and reliability, PCB prototyping is critical to ensure medical devices and equipment function effectively.
  • Automobile Equipment: Modern vehicles are equipped with increasingly advanced smart technology that include infotainment, safety features, and climate control. To ensure safe and functional operation, the PCBs for automotive systems must be prototyped and thoroughly tested before production.
  • Defense and Military PCBs: In the military and defense sectors, PCBs are used in everything from guided missiles and aircraft flight systems to drone vehicles and satellites. To ensure this no-fail equipment is fully operational, PCBs are thoroughly tested as prototypes to prevent dangerous system failures.

Get Your Quick Turn PCB Prototype Today!

At RedStar Worldwide, we are dedicated to helping our customers develop the latest technology with top-quality PCBs. Our quick-turn PCB prototype services help you to test your PCB designs quickly and affordably prior to production. Our highly knowledgeable engineering team will stay in contact throughout the process to ensure your PCB is designed with the highest-quality materials for the best price.

To learn more about ways that our PCB prototype services can enhance your product development, contact us today or request a quote.