OEM Wearable Products – Best Startup of CES Award 2016


“Redstar exceeded my expectations and not only delivered a quality product on time but also helped us find the specific expertise needed to make our project successful. The most important thing is that they took ownership over the project and just made things happen so that our team could focus on what we’re good at. Redstar took ownership and was constantly reliable. They have connections to the right partners for very difficult projects.

“Redstar delivered a very technically challenging PCB where others simply couldn’t even quote us! On top of that they worked to find a supplier that could deliver a price point that would meet our business needs. Patsy has always been fantastic to work with.”

Audio PCB Designer – Indiana


“Redstar has made PCB procurement easy. They know what questions to ask and why to ask them. Redstar has the expertise, professionalism and offer superior support from quoting through mfg’ing and delivery. Their suppliers outperform others in the industry by focusing on what they do best.”

EMS Company – Colorado

Materials Management

“Redstar gave us an ease of quoting and placing orders which includes not just timely answers but clear communication of questions and issues. They deliver honest integrity and performance. Redstar has bridged the gap from a vendor to a partner in enabling us to get products to our customers.”

Global EMS Company


“Redstar has been very helpful giving us support and willing to work through challenging projects as a partner not just a vendor. Redstar has outperformed our other PCB suppliers and has become a valued partner.”

Global Audio & Infotainment Company

Senior Buyer

“RedStar Worldwide treats each order with the highest integrity. Our company has used RedStar Worldwide for their PCB purchases for over 5 years. We buy all of our PCB products on a direct basis but the role that RedStar plays is crucial to the smooth engineering, prototyping, production and manufacture of our products. Harman uses a wide variety of PCB products from simple 2 layer boards to high impedance/multi-layer boards and RedStar Worldwide treats each order with the highest integrity. The responsiveness of RedStar is of the highest level whether it involves engineering queries, quick-turn deliveries, and any problem resolution (with PCB’s an occasional problem is bound to occur).”

EMS Company – Utah


“So impressed with the level of service, technical support, and most importantly the communication. We have been using RedStar Worldwide as a vendor since 2007. Within just a few short months, we were so impressed with the level of service, technical support, and most importantly the communication, that they quickly became an almost exclusive supplier for us. They provide us with a single-source supplier that has enough flexibility to cover everything from very complex, multi-layer boards all the way to high volume, very price-sensitive requirements. We have been so satisfied with the relationship that we have referred some of our most important customers, who still provide their materials on a consignment basis to us for their production, to RedStar WorldWide.
In my experience, there are a few suppliers that are instrumental to the success of a business. I, along with some of my customers, all agree that the RedStar team is in that very select group. I could not offer a higher recommendation to anyone than the one I offer for them.”

OEM Consumer Products – Global

CAD PCB Design Manager

“You can count on RedStar to do the right thing. Our division which is part of an international company, has used RedStar Worldwide as a supplier of printed circuit boards for several years. They have always been responsive to our needs. The cost of services has always been very competitive. They have selected and represent several fabrication companies from the Far East/Asia region to domestic suppliers that produce a high quality, low cost, quick turnaround product. You can count on RedStar to do the right thing because they take the “long road” perspective not the “short gains” business model. RedStar facilitates our need for accurate and quick communication at all hours of the day and night. It is a pleasure to work with RedStar and we look forward to many years of continued business together.”

OEM – Video/Audio – Global

Director of Sourcing

“I have never worked with anybody better. They are very responsive, price competitive, and do what they commit to do. Their people work all hours to make sure things happen. I would never change.”

Automotive Products Company – USA

Design Engineer

“It is almost as if they are connected to our email around the clock. Redstar has been an excellent partner and supplier for us. They respond within the hour on every request. It is almost as if they are connected to our email around the clock and makes sure we get overnight response, if not the same day. Obviously, with some of the supply chain offshore, afternoon queries and answers come late in the evening or first thing in the morning. I have even had modification of Gerber files and copies back the next morning with changes (and no charge!)…and implementation is very reliable. They work hard to keep the cost low and fair, and talk to the supplier if not. They will find ways to help.

“We manufacture up to 10 layer boards with FPGA We have had no errors, and even when there is a question, Redstar steps up and takes responsibility and supports us in any way possible. Prototype support from an offshore source has been excellent through Redstar.

“I spent 12 years with a large international PCB manufacturer and another 6 with a local contract manufacturer and Redstar does not overstate their capability and expertise.”