Eliminate the Time Consuming Headaches Usually Associated with Buying Printed Circuit Boards

You’ve been there…

Tight schedule. Hard deadline. New customer.

Your sales department promised quick delivery. You did everything you could do to get your parts ordered on time.

But your PCB supplier doesn’t have the same sense of urgency you do. You’ll likely miss your deadline. And quite possibly lose this valuable new customer forever.

If only you could get on the phone with someone and get some action. But your supplier is in a different time zone and doesn’t speak English. And they weren’t teaching Cantonese when you went to high school.

We Speak PCB’s – in Multiple Languages – So You Can Focus on Engineering and Design – the Stuff You do Best!

Our key personnel are fluent in multiple languages so communication barriers don’t exist.

RedStar Worldwide is your single source solution to your printed circuit board needs. With both international and domestic suppliers we provide quick delivery, accurate orders and high quality – at the best possible price.

And because of our unique program, you can sleep at night knowing our crack team is working around the clock to get your product to you on time – and on budget. We keep orders moving 24/7 whether they’re manufactured in the US or across the globe.

“Responsive, Price Competitive and Committed…
I Would Never Change!” —  Satisfied RedStar Client


Price is always a major consideration in the procurement of PCBs. RedStar is committed to finding the best match of price and quality for your every need – from simple single and double sided printed circuit boards through multilayer 36 layer boards. From Rigid-Flex and Flex solutions to metal core, high temp and more, our team works with you from design to destination.

Whether you need quick turn or production run, we’ll help you find the best price. We provide full disclosure of our qualified and approved facilities and provide original Certificates of Compliance on every order.

Why RedStar Worldwide?

  • Our first priority is to listen and understand the objectives of engineering and procurement to help create the most productive PCB solution.
  • You can choose to work directly with the manufacturer or place your order with RedStar (full disclosure provided: Mfg. Names/contacts, certifications, etc.). Our office will facilitate both arrangements.
  • 24/7 communication with factories both domestic and offshore. Personnel fluent in multiple languages (both spoken and written) and can communicate your requirements to offshore suppliers more efficiently.
  • You get a Total Cost Solution through RedStar – Customs, Fees, Duty, Freight – All inclusive.
  • Engineering Services available – Design, Inspection, Rohs Consulting
  • You eliminate the headache of sourcing, ordering, compliance, tracking and delivery – and let us handle it for you!

Let Us PROVE What We Say

Give us a chance to prove our claims. Let us quote your next project. See for yourself what RedStar Worldwide can do to solve your PCB procurement hassles.

For your fast, free confidential quote, please call 435-645-9270 or contact us here.

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