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PCB Technologies + Materials + Vertical Industry Knowledge

No matter how demanding your needs, RedStar can meet them. Our engineers are committed to delivering the right product at the right price every single time. We work directly with our manufacturing partners to ensure a seamless experience for you, the customer.

Our DFM team and engineers are here for whatever help, input and support you need. We ensure your HDI product meets your time-to-technology and time-to-market objectives.

Technologies available include:

•    BGA
•    Flip chip devices
•    Micro vias
•    Blind/Buried vias
•    Via in pad
•    Controlled impedence
•    Flat pad design
•    Conductive and non-conductive fills


RedStar provides you a variety of materials to meet your needs. We supply PCB’s in the Aerospace, Automotive, Computer, Medical or special industrial/manufacturing industries and can supply your needs as well.

Some of the materials available include:

•    High Tg
•    Polyimide, Getek, Nelco, Isola, Rogers, Arlon
•    Taconic Digital/Microwave Materials
•    Ultrathin laminate with low impedence/high capacitance such as FaredflexTM , 3MTMECM materials


Our diverse customer base includes consumer electronics, medical devices, industrial/measuring systems, wireless communications, satellite/broadcast systems as well as military clients. We become life-long partners with our customers through all phases of the design and implementation process.

With our team of design engineers and the relationship we have with suppliers of new and innovative materials, we can help our customers with the resources needed to design the best products possible and provide timely advice and input into your project.  By working in the early days of design and engineering, RedStar adds value to the process helping our customers with innovative, cost-effective technology designs and ensure reliability in the end products.

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