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QT Protos Deliver Rapid Design Improvements

Quality and reliability are just as critical as speed at RedStar Worldwide. We built our reputation on the quickturn/prototype needs of our clients using our 24/7 support team. With this system, we can turn your product in as little as 24 hours while delivering a high-quality product.

Aside from quick delivery, we provide engineering and CAM input so we can address any issues immediately.

“The responsiveness of RedStar is of the highest level whether it involves engineering queries, quick-turn deliveries, and any problem resolution.”
–L. Gow

Redstar provides quickturn/prototype boards on a daily basis for our customers. Normal lead times for quickturn/prototype products:

•    Standard FR4/double-sided PCB = same day
•    4-8 layers = 2-4 days
•    10+ layers = 5 days
•    Metal core, rigid flex, flex = 5-10 days

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